SVU students participate in cultural exchange activities of Macau University of Science and Technology in the winter
Author: Source:电子信息工程学院 Date:2019-04-04 Times:0

Author: Source:电子信息工程学院 Times:0



In order to broaden students' international vision and enhance cross-cultural understanding, 25 teachers and students from the school of electronic information engineering went to the MUST for a 7-day cultural exchange activity on January 17, 2019.

Cultural exchange activities mainly adopt the teaching mode of combining classroom teaching and field investigation. MUST arranged a series of courses, such as national culture of Portuguese-speaking countries along the Belt and Road, Portuguese language experience, innovation and entrepreneurship, design brand strategy research and practice, service marketing, artificial intelligence, earth and planetary exploration, digital circuit and so on. At the same time, in order to have a better understanding of Macau world heritage, MUST organized visits to the science museum of Macau, Macau museum and other places for field trip teaching. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Zhou Runmin, director of the advanced training center of the graduate school of Macau university of science and technology presented the course training certificates to the students of SVU, and Mr. Lu Weiwei made a summary speech as a student representative.

After seven days of learning and communication, the students all said that the activity was very successful. Through learning and visiting, they got to know the charm of the colorful culture of Macao, have broadened their vision, gained knowledge as well as touching moments, and they have set new goals for the future. They appreciate the learning opportunities provided by SVU and hope there will be more exchange opportunities in the future.